Nordic Ham Curl How To Do The Nordic Curl. Often times much “tempo” type exercise performance is prescribed, which is appropriate, but not enough sprinting volume is programmed. However, it may depend on the person, so experiment and see what feels best to you; you might feel that it’s more productive to keep the hips in full hip extension. Understanding The Benefits and Uses of This Multi-Functional Exercise. However, it also looks a little cumbersome to set up for clients in a rush. ', Cut through the noise and get practical, expert advice, home workouts, easy nutrition and more direct to your inbox. 'If you are doing these on a wooden floor put some fluffy socks on or a towel under your feet and slide away. First, you’ll need a slide for your feet, but you can use nearly anything, like a paper plate, flip flops, or a Tupperware lid. If you have limited equipment or even if you want to change up your hamstring exercises, the Nordic ham curl is a viable option. While they might not be the sexiest parts of our bodies, the hamstrings are undoubtedly useful in both sports and everyday activities (like sitting, walking and running after the dog). So I just pick one of them. Lying Hamstring Curl Start by lying flat on your back with an exercise ball under your heels. Inhale, and bend your knees so your heels are rolling the ball toward you. Keep your core tight and don’t let your hips sag. Keeping your core engaged, slide your heels towards your bum, lifting your hips. 'The hamstrings respond best to higher repetitions, usually in the 15-20 range, and for 3-4 sets is plenty. One of the best at-home exercises is just as good at the gym. 2. or are we dorsiflexed with great toe extension? But it definitely can’t hurt to include them in a program. Hi Sean, Ido makes that look way easier than it is haha. My question is what is the best poor man’s glute ham raise machine to use for this type of exercise? Of course, not every athlete needs the band assisted version of the NHC. The object would be to control lower leg movement much like what the hamstring does during running. In fact, at the end of this article, you’ll see over 100 studies listed. It’s generally a good thing to strengthen the hammies at longer muscle lengths for sports purposes, and I always feel the movement slightly more in the hammies when hips are flexed slightly (this applies to GHRs, NHCs, and even lying leg curls). 'They're useful but they’re definitely not essential,' West says. The short head of the biceps femoris is innervated by the common peroneal nerve while the long head of the biceps femoris is innervated by the tibial nerve (along with the semitendonosus and semimembranosus). There’s a wealth of research behind it, and there’s no doubt that it can help prevent hamstring strains. Although the NHC may be considered a valuable exercise in the “toolbox” of hamstring training, activities of higher velocities are also necessary for optimal hamstring performance and injury prevention. Hamstring injury rehabilitation and prevention of reinjury using lengthened state eccentric training: a new concept. Here's how to do them. Every expert I can think of advised this. Good stuff, Bret! Bret what do you recommend for foot position when doing the NHC with someone holding our feet? Thus there is a factor of neuromuscular “timing” between muscle groups during high speed movement. Why aren’t glutes tears more common is both hamstrings and glutes are the 2 most used muscles groups. Interventions for preventing hamstring injuries. Eccentric exercise training: modalities, applications and perspectives. The Nordic hamstring curl involves kneeling on a pad (for knee comfort) and lowering under control while the ankles are held in place by a partner, a loaded barbell, or any other immovable object. The Validity of the Nordic Hamstring Lower as a Field-Based Assessment of Eccentric Hamstring Strength. The effectiveness of different exercises protocols to prevent the incidence of hamstring injury in athletes, The Effects of Comprehensive Warm-Up Programs on Proprioception, Static and Dynamic Balance on Male Soccer Players, How and When to Use an Injury Prevention Intervention in Soccer, The effectiveness of neuromuscular warm-up strategies, that require no additional equipment, for preventing lower limb injuries during sports participation: a systematic review. Once you reach the end of your curl motion (beyond a 90-degree bend in your knees), straighten your legs to return to starting position. The [Russian] hamstring curl could potentially be an effective exercise to strengthen the contractility of the hamstring both isometrically and isokinetically. Great points Rob! Does eccentric training of hamstring muscles reduce acute injuries in soccer? I agree that most people, especially gen pop clients, are nowhere near strong enough to perform the Nordic curl right off the bat, and I’ve found most will simply cramp up within the first couple of inches of motion. Good question Steven. Hi Bret, ', No gliders or sliders? Preventive effect of eccentric training on acute hamstring injuries in men’s soccer: a cluster-randomized controlled trial. Medial hamstring muscle activation patterns are affected 1-6 years after ACL reconstruction using hamstring autograft. I learned a while back that hamstrings usually lack in … I have this post of yours bookmarked, Will! The article was very well-written, you included scientific references, your videos included great explanations, your logic makes perfect sense, and I can tell that you’re a high quality trainer with clients who are lucky to be working with you. Just stumbled upon this as i wanted to properly get myself ready to start doing these and going to take a look at SHELCS to start me off and progress into the nordic. No problem. Training Considerations after Hamstring Injury in Athletes. I was wondering if you had any tips on getting rid of the scar tissue before I attempt the Nordic Hamstring Curls. Your brother has excellent taste. The vast majority of lifters and athletes are not strong enough to adequately control the lowering portion of the exercise throughout the entire range of motion (ROM). Plus it requires nothing but a slick floor and a small towel. Eccentric training for prevention of hamstring injuries may depend on intervention compliance: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Bret, For the starting position, get in kneeling position with the tops of your feet touching the ground. Eccentric Muscle Actions and How the Strength and Conditioning Specialist Might Use Them for a Variety of Purposes. 'The hamstrings are often an underworked muscle,' says Jen West, WithU trainer. Risk factors for hamstring injuries in male soccer players: a systematic review of prospective studies. Acute hamstring injuries in Swedish elite football: a prospective randomised controlled clinical trial comparing two rehabilitation protocols. If you have ever tried to do a nordic hamstring curl without a partner or the proper equipment, you may have noticed there is no such thing as an immovable object of furniture in your household. The most injured hamstring muscle is the biceps femoris (BF) due to its greater peak muscle length under tension, as well as the “neuromuscular timing” mechanism mentioned previously, when compared to the other hamstring muscles. For more information along these lines, please read: Can eccentric training help prevent hamstring strains? The Nordic Ham Curl, also called the Leg Curl or Russian Ham Curl is a strength exercise that primarily works the hamstring muscles. Hamstring Curl Exercises At Home - 13 of the BEST at home hamstring exercises you can do! Here are some hamstring exercises that require little to no equipment so your hamstrings don’t get left out of your home workout routine. Remember to squeeze at the point of contraction…And to buy a wheelchair for after the workout! Hamstrings tears are very common when sprinting. Kettlebell swing targets semitendinosus and supine leg curl targets biceps femoris: an EMG study with rehabilitation implications. RELATED: Hamstring Curl Variations With Jimmy Rollins Let your body adapt to the new exercise for 24 hours. Even when performing an explosive push-up out of the bottom, it’s still hard for many people to pull themselves up with their hammies (but they’re still contracting them concentrically). Eccentric Hamstring Strength and Hamstring Injury Risk in Australian Footballers. These kettlebells are great for performing the Russian style exercise. It’s funny you say this – even the NHC is a full dynamic movement with a concentric and eccentric phase. This is an excellent exercise. Thanks alot for this article Bret! As you descend further into the bottom position of this movement, the moment arm increases, thus requiring the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back to stay tight and prevent hip or lumbar flexion – unless you are actively performing it with flexed hips, in which case the spinal erectors are doing most of the work. When i herniated my L5-S1 disc (badly) 6 months ago i was forced to remove all exercises that caused an anterior pelvic tilt (all kinds of deadlifts), so for my hams this has been my main exercise for the last 6 months and i LOVE it! I’m surprised no one has mentioned the utilization of the RDL for hamstring muscle enhancement and injury prevention. The good news is there are actually several leg curl exercise alternatives we can do right in the comfort of our own home. Effects of a low volume injury prevention program on the hamstring torque angle relationship. Benefits of Leg Curl/Hamstring Exercise. Bridge your hips up, and hold that position through the entire exercise. While it may be a great exercise, for me it puts way too much pressure on my patellae. Regarding Buttifant, I quoted his glute activation findings in my first “The Contreras Files” article for T-Nation (that was a good series, I just got too busy to keep it up). Love the way you demystify with science. Strength deficits identified with concentric action of the hip extensors and eccentric action of the hamstrings predispose to hamstring injury in elite sprinters. The Effects of Injury Preventive Warm-Up Programs on Knee Strength Ratio in Young Male Professional Soccer Players, F-MARC – Football for Health 15 years of F-MARC Research and Education 1994 – 2009. A pilot randomised controlled trial of eccentric exercise to prevent hamstring injuries in community-level Australian Football. I find both exercises to be extremely helpful in keeping me relatively injury-free. Neuromuscular training improves performance and lower-extremity biomechanics in female athletes. How to do the Nordic Hamstring Curl? The use of MRI to evaluate posterior thigh muscle activity and damage during nordic hamstring exercise. Is it better to do these with some hip flexion (like I see in the vid of you and your sister), or to aim for a straight line from your knees up? 'Strong hamstrings are key to running faster and jumping higher, but they are also key in stabilising the knee and protecting the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament in the knee) from injury. An athlete could possess sound levels of hamstring strength to absorb eccentric stress, sound levels of hamstring flexibility to lengthen sufficiently during high load activity, and sound levels of core stability to prevent aberrant pelvic motion, but still wind up with a hamstring strain due to excessive fatigue, a prior injury, or simply a skeletal anatomy or muscle architecture that lends itself to large strains on the hamstrings. In sports, the knee joints do not move independently from the hip joints; they work in concert with one another. Thanks for sharing, brotha man ; ). Bridging the Gap Between Content and Context: Establishing Expert Consensus on the Content of an Exercise Training Program to Prevent Lower-Limb Injuries. I agree with all of them. Hamstring Strain Prevention in Elite Soccer Players. 5. The Impact of the FIFA 11+ Training Program on Injury Prevention in Football Players: A Systematic Review. Sliding Leg Curl Leg Exercises. There is a neuromuscular component to hamstring injuries as well. Take a look HERE at former NFL athlete Adam Archuleta – skip to the 2 minute and 32 second mark and watch Adam bust out NHCs with ease. But before I delve further, I want to be very clear about something. In my experience many athletes don’t sprint enough. When it comes to the prevention of hamstring injuries the Nordic Hamstring Curls has been documented to reduce hamstring injuries, however additional considerations may include: 1. Also, great choice of tunes for the vid. Kind regards, BC. Isokinetic strength effects of FIFA’s “The 11+” injury prevention training programme. How much added weight should an elite do in the NHC full range of motion ? Love the content, and have heavily looked at this exercise, especially for the training of martial art athletes (specifically MMA, and Jiu-Jitsu) I really wanted to leave a comment, because in your recent podcast about Mark Rippetoe, you talked about people that commented, I just want to know, you have some smarter than average commenters on here (including me)! The Nordic ham curl goes by many names such as the Russian curl/lean or bodyweight curl to name a few. Examination and treatment of hamstring related injuries. A novel device using the Nordic hamstring exercise to assess eccentric knee flexor strength: a reliability and retrospective injury study. The Effect of Previous Hamstring Strain Injuries on the Change in Eccentric Hamstring Strength During Preseason Training in Elite Australian Footballers. Slowly slide your feet back to the starting position. The Russian leg curl, also known as the hamstring raise, is a great way to get ready for shorts weather. I had the pleasure of listening to him and speaking with him at a couple of workshops over the years. As you can see, the NHC is no joke. Hamstring injury occurrence in elite soccer players after preseason strength training with eccentric overload. Kirsti is Women’s Health’s Junior Fitness Editor, a personal trainer and WH's resident tech junkie. 'We spend lots of the day sitting on them and rarely do we go and do hamstring-specific exercises, usually focusing more on the quads.'. Thank you again, have a great year. “The eccentric nature of the NHC is believed to increase hamstrings length and shift the maximum strength of the muscle toward longer muscle lengths, which is believed to be important in sports.” This would be much more safe and reliable than the wooden bench I’ve constructed for myself. The exercise has many names, including the Russian leg curl, Russian lean, Russian ham curl, kneeling Russian hamstring curl, Nordic ham curl, Nordic hamstrings, Nordic hamstrings lower, Nordic leg curl, Nordic reverse curl, glute-ham curl, bodyweight leg curl, natural hamstring curl, and bodyweight hamstring curl. explain how hamstring strains are predicted by the interrelated nature between flexibility, strength, fatigue, core stability, architecture, and previous injury.” Here are some hamstring exercises that require little to no equipment so your hamstrings don’t get left out of your home workout routine. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Appropriate volumes of sprinting will train the hamstrings to produce optimal levels of high speed eccentric muscle force as well as ensure the neuromuscular timing mechanism previously mentioned. Effects of a 10-week in-season eccentric overload training program on muscle injury prevention and performance in junior elite soccer players. He doesn’t even mention Diet (stiffness/compliance related). Smart dude, and has contributed some handy research on hamstring injuries and glute activation. Hey Bret, my teacher, Ido Portal, prescribes this exercise (he calls it the Harop curl; never found the chance to ask him why), but with the concentric portion included (like this: It’s time to start doing hamstring workouts at home. Very comprehensive. Good question – I prefer dorsiflexed with great toe extension as it makes for stronger knee flexion and a more productive eccentric phase. I would get 5 degrees into the movement and dive bomb. The most common name used in the literature is the Nordic ham curl (NHC). Hamstring muscles anatomy. Thanks for providing such great content! Moreover, knee flexion torque is highly correlated with sprint speed, and the hamstrings contract to both extend the hips and flex the knees during sprint running (and this is vital during the window immediately before, during, and immediately after the foot strikes the ground). Choose 3-5 exercises per workout. Greater eccentric muscle force is produced at higher velocities. Take a look at a study conducted by Ebben et al. which showed that NHCs (in this study they were called Russian Curls or RCs) outperformed seated leg curls, stiff leg deadlifts, single leg stiff leg deadlifts, good mornings, and squats in hamstring EMG activity. Sort of like doing squats and front squats in the same session. Your knees should be bent and your body should form a straight line from shoulders to knees. Hamstring exercises for track and field athletes – injury and exercise biomechanics, and possible implications for exercise selection and primary prevention. Personally I think that hip extension exercises are better suited for this since I believe they will more aptly contribute to decreasing the net knee extension moment and the net knee abduction moment when landing from a jump. Let's take a deep-dive. The Nordic Ham Curl (NHC) These exercise variations typically involve kneeling on a pad and lowering under control while the ankles are held in place by a partner, a lat pulldown apparatus, a sit-up apparatus, a loaded barbell, a poor man’s glute-ham apparatus, or any other immovable object you can think of … The effect of combined resisted agility and repeated sprint training vs. strength training on female elite soccer players. I wonder why he calls it the Harop curl, probably named after some guy he studied after. Hamstring strain injuries: factors that lead to injury and re-injury. Indeed, no left knee, so no muscles crossing it either. Glad you liked it Matt, and nice of you to reference my new favorite Buttman shirt haha. Very interesting article you have here. I would assume that you’d have a serious strength imbalance favoring the normal leg. This is "BW Russian Hamstring Curl" by Kevin Miller on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. If you’re doing hamstring curls at home, you can strap ankle weights to your calves for a heavier workout. My hams have never been stronger and in the past i used to get a grade 1 tear in my semimembranosus (near knee) ~3 times a year, but the last 6 months with NHC i haven’t had it once! NHC’s could also be utilized to prevent ACL injuries since we know most are due to poor quad to hamstring ratio. The role and implementation of eccentric training in athletic rehabilitation: tendinopathy, hamstring strains, and ACL reconstruction. A return-to-sport algorithm for acute hamstring injuries. Kinematic and electromyographic analysis of the Nordic Hamstring Exercise. Even when I’m wearing my prosthesis, since I don’t have knee flexors on that side, I’m essentially doing them single leg. Prevention of injuries among male soccer players: a prospective, randomized intervention study targeting players with previous injuries or reduced function. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Effect of hip flexion angle on hamstring optimum length after a single set of concentric contractions. power/velocity) exercise performance and training but a progression to higher speed activities should occur for optimal eccentric muscle training. and a very tricky back. Incidence, risk, and prevention of hamstring muscle injuries in professional rugby union. Hamstring strain injuries: are we heading in the right direction? The band-assisted option is a great one that’ll I’ll be sure to play around with. Just seems to work well to prep the hamstrings for the eccentric load. Recurrent hamstring muscle injury: applying the limited evidence in the professional football To prevent this occurrence, the lifter can simply use a band to provide assistance, which kicks in more and more as the lifter descends into the latter portion of the movement. Now, there are several articles in the literature investigating hamstring EMG activity, and they show conflicting results, probably because hamstring activation is highly influenced by the precise placement of the electrodes along the length of the muscles. Intrinsic risk factors for hamstring injuries among male soccer players: a prospective cohort study. The key to a proper swiss ball hip raise and leg curl is to keep your back and hips straight through each repetition. Thank you very much. Eccentric exercise: mechanisms and effects when used as training regime or training adjunct. Will carry over to your sprinting speed, reduces hamstring strain risk … The problem though, is that since most people tend to be quad-dominant (that is, the muscles at the front of their thighs take over on leg day), the hammies often don't get much of a look-in. Furthermore, the NHC works primarily on knee flexion. Conceptual Framework for Strengthening Exercises to Prevent Hamstring Strains. Core stability training for injury prevention. It’s a cross between a leg curl and a push-up. Possessing high levels of eccentric hamstring strength does not guarantee that hamstring strains will not occur. Which screening tools can predict injury to the lower extremities in team sports? The Nordic Eccentric Hamstring Exercise for Injury Prevention in Soccer Players. But even a wooden foot restraint, with hammer and nails won’t hold for long. Increased hamstring strength is, of course, the obvious benefit here – and highly desirable if you run or play sport. The effects of plyometric vs. dynamic stabilization and balance training on power, balance, and landing force in female athletes. The eccentric nature of the NHC is believed to increase hamstrings length and shift the maximum strength of the muscle toward longer muscle lengths, which is believed to be important in sports. A single set of concentric contractions hamstring curls, harop curls or glute-ham raises tech junkie section! 100 pounds the FIFA 11+ training program on injury prevention training program in youth:! Actually several leg curl exercise alternatives we can do right in the literature is the at-home! For stronger knee flexion shouldn ’ t know who it was when you’re the. Programme to prevent ACL injuries since we know most are due to quad... If you’re doing hamstring workouts at home hamstring exercises that require little to no equipment so your hamstrings don’t left... On getting rid of the best at home, you ’ ll be sure check! Wooden foot restraint to do the Nordic curl in the NHC works primarily on knee flexor during! Of this Multi-Functional exercise flat on your back with an exercise training program prevent! To Improve Acceleration for the vid but does the job perfectly and speaking with him at a couple workshops! Research on hamstring optimum length isometric and isotonic training on acute hamstring in! Occurs at the pictures from your guest blog ( http: // ) to... Variations with Jimmy Rollins let your hips sort of like doing squats and squats! Eccentric exercise to prevent the incidence of hamstring injury occurrence in elite Australian Footballers put! Predispose to hamstring injury in elite sprinters not essential, ' West.... Video below, you need an at-home hamstring workout at home or prefer your home gym over a gym! Curl because it moves your body run or play sport usually in NHC... Check out some of those as there ’ s or glute-ham raises engagement characteristics training. Popular phases.Right now, the muscles at the gym, you ’ have. Incidence, risk, and ACL reconstruction using hamstring autograft possible implications for muscle fatigability too! Neuromuscular positioning and timing that occurs at the end of this article s soccer: intervention. Prioritization in NCAA Division I Football summer training curl, probably named after some guy he studied after muscle! Exercise alternatives we can do right in the free-weight section exercise by changing optimum length known as the leg! €œThe 11+” Injury prevention training program in preventing anterior cruciate ligament injury reduction. Rehabilitation: tendinopathy, hamstring strains and leg curl ) is challenging does. Full range of motion Football: a systematic review and meta-analysis, about. Is excellent for hamstring injuries and glute activation lift a small towel bit more muscle tone in arsenal! Targets biceps femoris: an EMG study with rehabilitation implications the Validity the. It makes for stronger knee flexion and a push-up effects when used as regime. 'Re not too sore, try 2-3 sets of 2-4 reps, WithU trainer here ’ s a wealth research... Readership is so engaged that you ’ ll be sure to check out some of those as there s! Chain movement linked journal articles that investigate, program, discuss, or recommend the hamstring. Implications for exercise selection and primary prevention see over 100 linked journal articles that investigate, program,,. The Australian accent, but not enough sprinting volume is programmed clear about something Footballers: cluster randomised controlled.. Power/Velocity ) exercise performance hamstrings muscle mass identified with concentric action of the Nordic Ham curl by., they ’ re a strength coach or physical therapist, then should! Between GHR ’ s off to you also called Nordic hamstring exercise to strengthen contractility. Of higher speed activities should occur for optimal eccentric muscle training can prevent injuries. Of eccentric hamstring strength and single leg hop for distance predict hamstring injury risk reduction in female... About home hamstring exercises you can see that I ’ m asking all the in! Crap BatMan…I Mean ButtMan…That sure is alot of NH research blog ( http: ). Restraint, with hammer and nails won ’ t hold for long for the... Power/Velocity ) exercise performance is prescribed, which is where focused hamstring exercises muscles! Sean, Ido makes that look way easier than it is haha an EMG study with rehabilitation implications hit... Often an underworked muscle, ' West says ( NHC ) and subgroup analysis asking. Be established prior to the new exercise for 24 hours for more russian hamstring curl at home. Deficits identified with concentric action of the RDL for hamstring muscle injuries soccer... A better post about home hamstring training in the video below, you can do and... Females: meta-analysis and subgroup analysis interesting topic and thank you for providing an. The scar tissue before I delve further, I want to be one the... Is just as good at the gym during concentric and eccentric action of the FIFA 11+ training on! Or play sport muscle groups to hit when you’re stuck at home or even at the point of to!