Recently, Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Ottawa had the opportunity to help a good cause while deployed. She was launched to sea for trials on May 31st, 1996 and formally commissioned into service with the RCN on September 28th, 1996 with pennant number "FFH-341". Crew list of HMCS … The crew of HMCS Ottawa watch from the deck as two men aboard a burning fishing boat Sherry C are rescued by personnel in a rigged-hulled inflatible boat. HMCS Ottawa (FFH-341) became the last of the ships built and this vessel was laid down by Saint John Shipbuilding of Saint John, New Brunswick on April 29th, 1995. Aujourd’hui le 28 septembre, en mer, l’équipage a fêtée la mise en service du navire avec un gâteau et des cupcakes. Revised September 25, 2019. Should display correctly on your hand-held device. Photo # VRP2008.9.118 from the museum collection. HMCS OTTAWA (1st) (H60) The History of the OTTAWA (1st) HMCS Ottawa (H60) was a River-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1938?1942. After the conclusion of RIMPAC, an international exercise that involves ships, aircraft, submarines, and land support units from all around the world, plus the crew helped out at a hospice in Maui, where the ship had co-ordinated a stop. She was commissioned into the RCN on 10 November 1956 and initially carried the pennant number DDE 229 as a destroyer escort. HMCS OTTAWA (3rd) (229) The History of the OTTAWA (3rd) HMCS Ottawa (DDH 229) was a St. Laurent-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy and later the Canadian Forces from 1956-1992. The Loss of HMCS Ottawa On September 13/14, 1942 while escorting Convoy ON-127 930 km east of St. John's, Newfoundland, HMCS Ottawa was torpedoed by U-91. The crew of HMCS Ottawa were joined by past commanding officers and veterans on Sept. 14 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the sinking of the original destroyer HMCS Ottawa and crew. 180727-O-N0842-1003 PACIFIC OCEAN (July 27, 2018) Royal Canadian Navy coastal defense vessel HMCS Ottawa (FFH 341) flight deck crew removes the chock and chains from a helicopter while at sea during Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise, July 27. Happy Birthday HMCS OTTAWA! Once the ship’s company had fallen into divisions on the flight deck the ceremony began. “Let us think reverently of those comrades who … The answer lay in port-to-port anti-submarine escort for convoys, and this became a reality on the 1st of June 1941, when the Newfoundland Escort Force came into operation. February 3, 2005 OTTAWA -- The commanding officer, Commander Doug Young, and thirteen crew members of HMCS Ottawa will visit Ottawa February 4 - 13 as part of the ship's ongoing programme to foster relations with their namesake city. Crew list of HMCS Niobe, 1911. Peter Mallett, Lookout Writer ~ Two men stranded on a burning fishing vessel are now on dry land thanks to the crew of HMCS Ottawa . Bonne fête NCSM OTTAWA! A sortable and printable list of 575 names of the crew of HMCS Niobe, transcribed from the 1911 Canadian census, and with additional information from other sources. HMCS OTTAWA’s crew, pictured in 1938. Thirty minutes later, unable to maneuver, the ship, hit by a second torpedo, broke in half, and sank with the loss of 114 crew. The crew celebrated OTTAWA's commissioning with cake and cupcakes at sea on September 28th! 65 survivors were rescued and taken to St. John’s Newfoundland by HMS Celandine. She was laid down on 12 September 1930 at Portsmouth Dockyard, Portsmouth and launched 30 September 1931.