Pull the two pins and the receiver drops out. Set Descending Direction. And, like the 5D Tactical jig, it only requires a router and drill — no drill press! Both jigs look alike and have similar characteristics. The resulting pilot hole was dead centered in the trigger slot. The armory’s were also licensed to manufacture, so a bit above the home smith. . 5D Tactical Router Jig Pro Universal AR-15 80% Lower Receiver Jig ... 80% Arms Easy Jig Gen 2 Multiplatform AR-15 / LR308 80% Completion Jig This item is currently on order MSRP: $249.99 . 5D Tactical Router Jig and 80% arms easy jig ii are compatible without modification. The 1911 jig provides a carbide cutting tool for completing the slide rails and barrel seat by hand, while the P320 and Polymer80 jigs provide a template for … Assembling the 5D jig is a bit more involved than some older jigs, but not excessively so. Carefully slide the jig router base bearing over the end mill bit, and fasten the jig router base to the router following the instructions for your router. The Gen 2 has a bushing around the bit which rides on the jig; you are limited to the proper area by a pin which goes through a hole across the jig to block the bushing from going into the take-down lug pocket are, and a sub jig is screwed in place to guide milling the trigger slot. If you have a spare or dedicated hose, you can cut off the end, or you can get a short length of 1 1/4″ hose from a bigger hardware store to connect a male hose end to the port. A patented device from 80 Percent Arms, the Easy Jig® makes it easier, faster and more efficient to complete your 80 percent lower in almost a third of the time it would take on traditional jigs. Shopping Options. Pull the bit back out about a 1/16 of an inch, and tighten the collet VERY TIGHT. AR9 & AR45 80% Jig Modification for Standard AR15 Jig .embed-container { position: relative; ... Easy Jig gen 2. 5d Tactical Pro Jig Coupon - All Special Coupons. The marks were a bit easier to read than the 5D, but the last few in the gauge did need more light to see. Easy Jig gen2 vs Modulus Arms vs 5D Tactical vs 5D Tactical Pro . As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and possibly receive a $25 cash award as well as be entered into the Prepper Writing Contest with a chance to win one of three Amazon Gift Cards  with the top prize being a $300 card to purchase your own prepping supplies, enter today! The end mill cut like a dream, much better than my previous experience with the 1/4″ end mill in the 80% Arms Gen 1 jig, but it threw the chips EVERYWHERE! The drill guide is held to the side plates by four Phillips flat head screws. Sometimes when you want something done right, you have to build it yourself. I imagine that you can count the number of people who have used both on the thumbs of one hand, since neither one is inexpensive. Product Description. Wondering whether I should get that one or the 5Dtacticals jig. Should you get a Ham Radio License or Hide from the Government. The guide is thick enough that it provides lots of support for keeping the drill vertical, encouraging no nicks along the sides of the trigger slot, and along with the 80% Arms length drill, makes it “impossible” to ding up any built in trigger guard. The 80% Arms Gen 2 jigs are being ordered faster than they can make them and the site says to expect three weeks between order and shipping. Below is a list of routers tested with Easy Jig Gen 3. How to complete the 80% AR 15 Magazine 80 Percent, Humor, Video 80%. This sizing refers to the threaded portion of the Speed Mill™ that screws directly on the router's "spindle.” The 5D bit tapers from the 1/4″ shaft used by trim routers to 5/16″ for the rest of the shaft to the cutting flutes to reduce flexing and improve cutting. This provides the best fit of the upper, and reduces the chances of damage to the buffer stop pin hole or the take-down pin detent hole from over enthusiastic milling. If the take-down pin pocket is not already milled at all or you don’t want to “hand fit” the upper, do use the shortest guide pins. If you’ve somehow stumbled upon this page and don’t know how you ended up here, you may be wondering “What is an 80% Lower Receiver?”. 5D Tactical Router Jig and 80% arms easy jig ii are compatible without modification. There is a disc which screws into the buffer tube socket; if getting it in (or out) is a problem, screw the last two Phillips flat head screws in part way to act as a “handle”. Compatible Upgrade Easy Jig Gen 1, Modulus Arms, AR15 & AR10 Lower Receiver Jig Tooling Kit. And hope I'm a section of letting you get a much better product. Construction – Both jigs being compared have the steel side plates to better resist the guide holes being enlarged during drilling and to be as equivalent to each other as possible. Include description. The 5D Tactical jig is the third (that I'm aware of) router-based 80% lower completion jig on the market, preceded by the 80% Arms Easy Jig and the Modulus Arms Jig(s). Compare Products ; Home; Search results for: 'easy jig gen 2' Search results for: 'easy jig gen 2' 295 Items . The 80percentarms receiver just barely fits in the jig lengthwise, and in fact, some of the cerakote was scuffed and a bit even scraped off the end of my buffer tube socket due to contact with the buffer screw support. It is unnecessary and may be difficult to use a drill press with the Gen 2, because of the height of the drill guide. The final assembly step is to thread a long Allen head cap screw from one side plate through the other. 5D Tactical Jig – Assembly Assembling the 5D jig is a bit more involved than some older jigs, but not excessively so. I use a Central Machinery mill/drill, (Harbor Freight), since I had it already, and the 2-axis table makes the entire process a breeze. 5D Tactical Router Jig PRO Multiplatform AR-15 / AR-10 80% Lower Receiver Jig This item is currently on order MSRP: $259.99 5D Tactical supplies essential equipment for building your own AR-15, AR-9 or AR-308/AR-10 firearms, including upper receivers and 80 percent lower receivers, 80% lower jigs, tools, and jig replacement parts. Well, with a little free time, some basic experience with common hand tools, and the best darn 80% Lower Receiver Jigs on the market, it’s easy to finish your AR-15 or AR-308 80% Lower Receiver and allow it to become the 100% lower receiver it has always identified as. Page. 5d tactical pro jig coupon can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 12 active results. I’m not looking to spend for than $170. Assembly of the two jigs is roughly comparable; the 5D uses more screws and needs more tools while the Gen 2 uses less screws and one provided tool, but it does specify final adjustments not mentioned for the 5D. As for the router setup, it is essentially the same as the 5D. This has a fixed end bar, so probably will not allow receivers with buffer tube sockets much longer than mil-spec to be inserted. Category. The 5D walls are supposed to be 1/2″ thick and the 80% Arms walls are supposed to be 3/4″ thick. Neither jig contacts the receiver, so should handle most of the receivers out there, although being closed ended, they may have difficulties with receivers with buffer tube sockets longer than spec. The Gen 3 also benefits from channels that actually guide the router. The Gen 2 has the same sizes, but “steps” from one to the other. Using an 80% jig requires basic hand tools like a drill press. Editors Note: Another guest post from John Hertig, number 24 I believe, to The Prepper Journal. Top view of the Easy Jig Gen 2 vs Gen 3. There are two big advantages to the new technology jigs, much less drilling, and a bigger, thus better, end mill bit. The pivot pin holder attaches to the front of the jig with two more of these screws. They think they’re custom truck bits, and who am I to disillusion them. The jig shows you where and how to machine the receiver blank, so little to no experience is required. The Gen 2 Easy Jig from 80 Percent Arms fits AR15, AR9, and DPMS AR10 (308) lower receivers. Included: - 5D Tactical Router Jig Pro (multi platform) and router plate - Makita Router RT0701C - Router Jig Pro Tool Kit w/ ReadyMill for … It is wise to check after each pass and manually suck any remaining chips, particularly when using depth gauge two. All in all it was a significant step forward in 80% jig technology, and a similarly advanced Generation 2 of the Easy Jig became available not long afterwards. Early on, going too fast, the router jumped, and then after that, the nervousness led to slower than necessary movement for a while. 80% off (3 days ago) 5D Tactical Black Friday Coupon Code & Coupon 2020. In testing, we were able to finish an AR-15 80% lower including jig assembly, in under 15 minutes with excellent results. Adding the Dewalt Shop-Vac helped but did not come close to equaling the Gen 2 built-in port. Self-Defense VS Excessive Force Defense – Know The Difference, Prepper Resolutions – 8 Tips for How to Make 2021 a Better Year, A Second Civil War Is Not What You Have to Worry About. In Stock & Ready to Ship! There may be better choices, but as long as it is used with both jigs, should not affect the comparison. This would be handy if that is the router you already have (and you have a 1/4″ collet for it), but I’m wondering if it would be more difficult to use precisely. This jig is easy enough for a caveman to use. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Specification Comparison (From the Web Sites). It’s a drill jig kit designed to help you turn an 80% AR-15 or AR-10 lower receiver into a 100% lower receiver . The first one I did with this jig was a Tennessee Arms Liberator, which was significantly longer than spec, so I used a 1/4″ end mill and my drill press to cut notches in each side of the end bar to allow the receiver to be installed. 4 JMT Gen 2 Polymer 80% AR15 Lower Receiver & JIG. If I make… Read more ». I suggest it is always a good idea to use a digital depth gauge to check the depth of each of the last few passes before completing the pass. Show per page. I force the lug into the pocket as far as it will go; when I remove it, some of the yellow goo has transferred to the places in the pocket which are tight. The patented Easy Jig® Gen 2 is the world's easiest to use, fully universal, 80% lower jig capable of finishing AR-15, AR-9, and AR-45 lowers. If you do your part, this jig can produce top notch results with much less work than with an older technology jig, but it does offer you opportunities to screw things up. Would love your thoughts, please comment. What I will say and hold as gospel is to take your time setting up to do the work. $ 77.98 $ 79.98. Routers Supported – Both can use a quality trim router like the Dewalt. The marks were a bit difficult to see in limited lighting. How 80% Frame Jigs Work. 5D Tactical Router Jig Pro Universal AR-15 80% Lower Receiver Jig ... 80% Arms Easy Jig Gen 2 Multiplatform AR-15 / LR308 80% Completion Jig This item is currently on order MSRP: $249.99 . The test will be a billet receiver completed in the 5D jig immediately followed by one in the 80% Arms jig. Set Descending Direction. One thing to be aware of: the thickness of the sidewalls pushes the overall width which needs to be in the vice to 3 1/8″, which didn’t fit into my 3″ jaw drill press vice; so I used a bench vice. Since the receiver was quite hard to find in the specific color desired and extra expensive because of that, I wanted to minimize the chances of messing it up … or causing the owner annoyance. 5D Tactical. I found this intolerable, and even though it would not be a “true” comparison, I installed and used the Dewalt accessory vacuum port to keep the chips somewhat under control. Out of stock. Date: November 4, 2016 Author: 5D Tactical AR-308 (LR-308, .308) lower receivers are a bit more complicated than AR-15 lower receivers when it comes to puzzle-piece building a rifle, as one would be required to do when finishing an 80% lower receiver. The receiver should have no movement when correctly mounted in the jig. Shop By. I’ve assembled several AR-15 rifles from parts kits and a stripped receiver. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the Shop-Vac chip removal, use tape to close off the top half (above the jig) of the Shop-Vac port as well as all the holes in and around and between the side plates. The 80% jig is a small workstation that allows you to cut and drill an 80% lower (a receiver blank that isn't legally considered a firearm), to completion. Copyright 2021 – The Prepper Journal – All Rights Reserved. Date: August 3, 2016 Author: 5D Tactical First, we must start with the absolute basics. The jig panel is held to the side plates by six Allen head cap screws. I can’t say for sure, but mounting the 80percentarms receiver to be used in this comparison, it appeared this receiver also might not have fit if the modification had not been done, although it looked to be real close. Search. The patented Easy Jig® Gen 3 Multiplatform™ replaces the Gen 2 as the world's easiest to use, fully universal, 80% lower jig capable of finishing AR-15, AR-9, AR-45 and DPMS gen 1 pattern .308 80% lower receivers without the need for any additional adapter pieces. And the new end mill bit system has the potential to be a significant innovation. Out of stock. Any reviews of the new Easy Jig gen 3 from 80% Arms? $10.00. Follow the instructions to figure out which direction to mount them for the model you will be making, and make sure the directional label on each side plate matches the directional label on the top plate. I don’t use this, preferring to fit the upper to the lower manually using AC Delco Gear Marking compound on the take-down lug. These are the shortest ones, for milling “full length”, including the take-down pin pocket. The 5D milling process is not as continuous as the Gen 2 due to having to change guide pins part way through the process. So which one is better? We have the product line, capabilities, and expertise to assist you in finishing flawless 80 percent lowers. In universality, the Gen 2 has the advantage. 5d Tactical Pro Jig Coupon - 09/2020. Whether it's an AR-type rifle or pistol, GLOCK-compatible frame or 1911 frame, most blanks can be cut and drilled in less than two hours. The instructions are very specific that you NOT use a cordless drill. While it wasn’t terrible, we wouldn’t call it fantastic. 75 Item Survival Gear List – Protect Your Family With This Vital Checklist, The Ultimate Truck Camping Guide For 2020. Show per page. The jig is easier because it features a built-in drill and end-mill depth gauge for the trigger and rear-shelf pockets while a quick depth verification setting eliminates slippage, which can ruin parts. Gen. 3 vs. Gen. 2. After several passes, I noted that the two screws holding the buffer tube disk in place had backed out some. In fact, I have an old “Lemon-squeezer” style revolver I too… Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The universal fit Gen 1 Easy Jig® is a patented router jig that makes machining your 80% lower easier, faster, and safer by utilizing a router instead of a drill press. 80% lower AR-15 5D Tactical router jig review . The initial drilling of the Gen 2 is way better, only needing one hole instead of two, having more support to keep the drill perpendicular and not requiring any depth restriction (unless the drill bit is extra long). I’ve added or polished up safeties and sears in several handguns, installed and sighted-in rifle scopes and installed aftermarket triggers and sights on Glocks and 1911 handguns.