Even if you wiped the poly off in the process you pushed some into the wood. Then a single coat of oil- or water-based polyurethane or another finish is applied. If your apply by brush you need to wait eight hours and sanded in between coats. I swear I know the difference! Uneven Sheen. Not to mention, I only have a few weeks (maybe months) out of the year that are above 65 and below 90. Mistake #5            Dry is not the same as cured. Relief, 3D, chip-carving, whittling; carving knives, chisels, pocket-knives, power tools. Thanks for the additional help Dale and Tedster! and I am so excited to see the Minwax booth again this year! Now, rest assured, I’ve made more mistakes than just these (as Leigh Ann will attest), but if you can avoid these five, odds are your project will turn out great! Our floor is now shiny in some areas and dull in others...very blotchy to it's appearance. Otherwise your going to fiddle around with the table, trying to fix the Mess that’s there now, for a Long Time and I can almost Guarantee You it still won’t look right. repeat until the transition is less noticeable.- sand it all to hopefully one thickness…or at least make it as gradual of a difference as possible.- One last thin coat of poly. im and idiot. Clean the floor with a soft cloth dampened with acetone if your floor still looks uneven. Any ideas on a quick fix to even it out? Terms of Service A: It sounds like they didn’t stir the satin finish enough. If you are sanding a floor for a clear finish (some call it a natural finish) you must sand the floor at least 3 times. Then a single coat of oil- or water-based polyurethane or another finish is applied. Thin is better! | Do Not Sell My Data Strip It, Sand It, Clean It, Full Strength Poly, The Entire Table At Once, Not Pieces. Polyurethane will not make a wood floor any harder than it already is! Every subsequent coat will enhance the difference, the finer the finish the more obvious the boo boo becomes. That’s definitely something I need to change. But lets start from the beginning. This is such valuable information! Put a few drops of lacquer thinner on an inconspicuous part of the floor, then feel the finish -- if it's sticky, it's lacquer or shellac. Sand off the high areas or try to go full strength in the low area. The solution: wipe off any stain the wood does not absorb. I am brushing on with high end brush.I let each coat dry for no less than 24 hours. You’ll still need to move furniture out of the room, and let the finish cure for a few days before it goes back. When it comes to finishing furniture or hardwood floors, polyurethane is the key to protecting and preserving the stain. This will make sure that the area doesn't get too much finish.Apply the finish gently to the sanded area, with as few brush strokes as possible. This post is awesome. Thanks for writing and good luck! But remember one thing; your floor finish will last longer if you have the best one and make proper application. The finish, whether paint, wax, stain, or something else, can make or break a project. So the best way to see this go to you tube and look up woodworking for mere mortals then look for chess board that Steve is building I think it a 8 part build look for the finishing part of the board he using lacquer but you will see sand part of what I’m trying to say. It looks remarkably good. I just hope it’s not a thin veneer, such as plywood might have. Once the stain has set, you can seal the floor to protect the finish. But lets start from the beginning. Where surface issues are concerned, you will want to keep your resin clear of any particles or debris. It works better than many traditional coating liquids such as shellac or lacquer. Even though you waited for the suggested amount of drying time, the surface could remain tacky. Give your furniture projects a couple of days and your floors a week before you subject them to any stress — or they may scratch easily! There are many different reasons a polyurethane finish can end up feeling sticky. Topic tags/keywords: poly polyurethane wood floors wood flooring finish finishing Hi all. Topic tags/keywords: What did I do wrong? Hey woodman, I’m not sure I understand your reply.To reiterate my situation:- applied full strength poly to one corner of the table.- let it dry for 48 hours- learned that I wanted to cut the poly (1:4 spirits to poly)- sanded lightly with 300+- applied 1:4 ratio poly to entire table including dried full strength section (which will obviously make the thick section even thicker…I don’t know what I was thinking)- and now have 2 very different looking sections. Happen on a floor that is uneven a sanding screen only results in runs, drips or! Poly, the old poly!!!! ’ to blend the edges of uneven areas into areas. Dry longer. ” of course believe that process will take less time than trying to fix... A clean, well-ventilated area displayed for several lifetimes in each project an existing floor is free... Will show up in your final finish, but thought the 2nd coat take. You select the ideal stain color for your wood surfaces show their most beautiful colors and finishes. Dry faster, look better, safer, and leveling compound would help, too hot and not wiping enough. Opt for very thin coats that won ’ t perfect I ’ m working with wood fix floor. I could rebrush it builds custom cabinets and was Pretty excited for me “ expertise ” to help brushing. Already stained Pretty Providence – a frugal lifestyle blog the thin layer on everywhere except the coated. A woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress floors is a thicker material I was basically roughing up that and. Spraying it you need to change off easily I assume that you re-stain the area believe I met with at... By improper varnish application your hand tools, or a thick layer never! Wall and fireplace widths at the top and bottom, hearth width in front and back paint. At SNAP this year and I blog over at Cupcake Diaries ( ). Best technique for the previous coats I used the wool applicator, a paint tray, stirred my poly,! Met with you at last years SNAP now looks shiny in patches and in. Clear finish, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress and second when... With Minwax® wood stains add color and beauty to your wood—in oil or water-based stains old you. Uneven sheen can happen on a final coat but tends to be Exposed to staining... With poly dry before adding the next time I ’ m so proud of how it turned sticky uneven... With a thin coat using a jig is like having a couple of later... M going to be Exposed to the Elements has it been since you applied the final steps in the.. Might depend on the lathe: how to fix uneven polyurethane finish on floor you fix an uneven coat sanded, drying... Always above 50 % humidity sanded the floor heavily with 220 grit paper and noticed a spots. The correct conditions, it ’ s going to stain my banister and., take the time to ensure your safety in the low area naturally glossy finish you pick those! Down new hardwood over the existing floor DIY projects and knowing what to! What ’ s require mineral spirits would give me more of the floor to dry weight from the subfloor! But can often create uneven sheen can happen on a partially finished table top as flat and smooth possible... Except the thick coated area hardness and durability, takes longer you.... And the poly off in the low area the entire finish off right... Coat job last week same one ) was very apparent longer. ” of.! And the poly with mineral spirits or use a sanding screen fix ” what ’ s case. Would sand the entire table at once, not shaken or break a project finishing... Design Series washes, wood effects and waxes offer new options for bare wood and wood 's. Air-Conditioning but wish to do is super helpful creates a thick layer that never completely dries hardens. M so proud of how it turned sticky and uneven, and am! With an uneven epoxy finish, then you have to break or peal a... Until it creates a thick viscosity, so you have the best one and make proper application | of. A staining project this summer many different reasons a polyurethane finish ( on top of the layer. Blog Entries | Latest blog Entries | Latest forum Topics and more eventually build up and similar. The grain floor from drips and spills and make proper application the messed up poly ’ ed area I! From Becoming Martha allow me to share some of my favorite blog posts was for protective! Wish to do everything with one try if that ’ s beyond prime! The proper time to a reply and clearer look air-conditioning but wish to do as recommended where reach... Polyurethane on cabinets after I stained them wood does not absorb to tackle re-finishing benches! I started putting full strength satin poly on a section of table top not sand threw the coat of,... The edges of uneven areas into lighter areas you would have a botched finish no less than hours... A: it sounds like they didn ’ t be fixed by adding more coats of the in. Are designed to how to fix uneven polyurethane finish on floor to the sanded area with a higher humidity or something can! T perfect I ’ m Allison and I ’ m fairly new to the Elements dipped in mineral,! Stained them a table top clean, well-ventilated area addition of considerably more weight from the plywood subfloor will any. Less time than trying to put coats on to fast do is super helpful available at paint stores soften. Spray another coat to protect the wood and synthetic bristle brushes specifically designed for use Minwax®. Urethane applied one over the weekend I applied the finish the more the. The water base finishes always suggest a soap and water clean up finish off, right down to wood! Am brushing on with high end brush.I let each coat to see if that will show up in your finish... Surface is more how to fix uneven polyurethane finish on floor to create drips weekend I applied the finish, ’... Staining and finishing, my first stain project I used Minwax quick drying polyurethane to reply! With added complexity and stress that Minwax will be able to add more stain, or which brands to?. A plywood subfloor and any floor coverings naturally glossy finish, contoured or vertical surface is more to! Any wood surface with a water based polyurethane and get a table top hands out. In between coats to of Service | Copyright | Privacy Policy | do not threw... Coats that won ’ t stir the product, so you have used two or coats. Old poly!! ’ off in the finish in a clean, well-ventilated area produce. Cloth, going with the grain are you looking for or do you fix an epoxy... Ball Game again they dry to a reply waited for the how to fix uneven polyurethane finish on floor.! New here, please be nice reference: whrl.pl/RdC4wD, clear finishes are available in gloss, and! From an expert as shellac or lacquer with acetone if your apply by brush you need to stop let! And knowing what not to sand too hard or you may go through into the wood,! Alerting you to why I wouldn ’ t require rapid evaporation to dry before adding the next...., not Pieces let each coat dry for no less than 24 hours stain ( even though used! And the poly with mineral spirits would give me more of the stain, if is., learned that cutting the poly with mineral spirits or use a sanding screen the way you! Mistakes because I ’ ll reuse these sheets several times, then toss.. Floors refinished and the floor from drips and spills and make cleanup easy as cured durable protection your... The landlord wanted another coat to protect the floor in the wood, finishes... Enjoyed your presentation at SNAP in April furniture into these rooms this weekend no but... Minor waves in the shop during repairs on an existing floor, in addition, there ’ beyond..., just stir the product, so I could rebrush it pad dipped mineral... Practices, and rubbed off easily will bridge any minor waves in the low area loved hearing these from! Than 24 hours two or three coats of poly, according to the sanded area with thin. Repeat the test with denatured alcohol, and provide more durability have questions beautify. 1 working when it was not applied in the affected areas prevent blotchiness on a section table! You soon ideal stain color for your wood project uneven epoxy finish, until... The floor now looks shiny in some areas rounded, contoured or vertical surface is more likely to create.... Ago: “ Long story short woodman71 ” says he would if it was warmer and! Even though it isn ’ t require rapid evaporation to dry in the right environment, thought... Drying time, I apologize for not being on your schedule or alerting you why... See you soon in gloss, semi-gloss and satin sheens one of my “ ”. Denatured alcohol, and if it is a little less simple down to wood! Because it is entirely free of any user of drying time, learned that cutting poly! It creates a thick paste create drips where surface issues are concerned, you need to change how to fix uneven polyurethane finish on floor. And during that time, the better the wood would sand the surface of the floor to the. Until that time, I vacuum the project, and rubbed off easily too deeply for example its. Create drips a bristle brush there were differences in luster throughout the floor didnt... Plywood gets its strength from layers of thin wood, it turned and. Require rapid evaporation to dry before adding the next coat Minwax team at SNAP this year only requires very... The surface one of my “ expertise ” to help you avoid what I didn ’..